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🌎 Biggest 3D character library in the world
πŸ—οΈ 2 billions+ combinations of 3D characters

Money-back guarantee. Download free sample

3D characters with free samples

Fully compatible with most common designer tools:

2,000,000,000+ Combinations of 3D characters

(20,000+ PNGs rendered out of the box)

66 poses included

In Blender you can do more combinations of poses

67 poses of 3D characters. All of them are included our 3D illustration library.

Super male and female included πŸ’ͺ

Other things you will love ❀️

Blender Generator of 3D characters

We created a Blender Generator for even easier customization. You don't need to know Blender at all. It's that easy ❀️See what is inside

Are you not a master of Blender?
No problemo! πŸ€”

We created a short tutorial for beginners which will give you the opportunity to customize avatars even more. Believe us, you can do it.By the way; Blender is free to use.

Take it further πŸš€

Combine different characters in your favorite design tools. It looks good with the 2D world, too! You can achieve great results by combining all of our libraries.See what is inside

Face rig included

We added 8 facial expressions for easier manipulation. Possibility to create any facial expression you need to

PETZ 🐱🐢🐢🐦
Amazing addition to the 3D characters

- Fully rigged (body + face) 3D cat, bird & two dogs
- Different poses
- Super clothes included
More information about PETZ

3D Pets (animals) - 3D dog and 3D cat as an cute addition to characterz library

Outfits - NEW

20 new outfits working with all poses 😍

3D Pets (animals) - 3D dog and 3D cat as an cute addition to characterz library


If you have CHARACTERZ library for $79, you can get 50% off from every add-on.
More information in every add-on.


Here are some examples of library usage.
But, don't limit yourself πŸš€

3D characters in UI as an potential inspiration for our customers
Super dogecoin - our 3D petz used for this design exploration.
Example of 3D character used for marketing purposes
Example of the usage of 3D characters
UI design with usage of 3D characters. Cute and kawaii style.
Cute mobile app UI design with 3D characters
Mobile app design with 3D characters.

What others say

"Instant buy! Characterz is the best library that I found.
The library has differentiated our product among competitors."

Heneman Laurent

Founder of Quizwer

"The quality of the icons and characters helps elevate and bring character to a design instantly. As they’re really easy to customise, it makes them usable in a wide variety of projects."

Chris Key

Head of Strategy Rubber Ducker

"This is so cool! the 3D design is very unique with a variety of different choices making the design on my project even cooler. Only with this 3D Design, I can use it in various of my projects. The Design is very easy to use and the name of each design is neatly organized. This really helps me in working on my project."

Kevin Al-Rizal

UX/UI Designer

"This library is like no other for your UI. It's an excellent work ready to use with well-crafted and beautifully amazing combinations for any project. Very engaging, fun, and ready to bring a nice spark of joy and life to your screens. I love it!"

Carolina Villarraga

Product Lead at

Rating on Gumroad:

Five star rating from Gumroad on our 3D libraries.

People in these companies use our libraries:

People in these companies are using our 3D libraries. Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Lyft, Orange, Tesla.


Biggest 3D illustrations library in the world.
2,000,000,000+ combinations of 3D characters.

Fully compatible with most common designer tools:

Money-back guarantee. Download free sample


Fully rigged cute 3D cat, a little bird, and 2 dogs in different poses. Super PETZ included

Fully compatible with most common designer tools:

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12 hands gesture with 9 color skins and 3 variations of sleeves.
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